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I'm sure those of you who have had to go through the process of obtaining a z visa had to fill the "Physical Examination For Foreigner" Form. I understand WHY they do it, what i'm having trouble with is the wording in this document and I don't want to check the wrong box and have the form rejected.
Specifically, on page two of this form, a section reads:
"None of the following diseases or disorders present during examination" below this are various diseases that have one box next to them. the "none of the following.." is tricky to me.
I have none of these diseases so based on the "none of the following" wording...
1. does checking the box next to a disease mean the disease IS present?
2. does checking the box next to the disease mean the disease is NOT present?
based on how to interpret "none of the following..." Checking or not checking the box could result in rejection of the document

Any Opinions?

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